Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Feminized

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The Extreeme Girls Scout Cookie Cannabis Strain

More potent, more fun, more taste


This is a crossbreed of the original Girl Scout Cookies and a F3 selected White Widow XTRM. Our goal was to achieve the perfect balance between the very finest White Widow XTRM and the distinctive smell and taste of the Girl Scout Cookies.

After forming this magnificent cross into perfection, it was time to share it with the world.
She develops dense buds and she is slow growing, so give her the time to grow, up to 14 days, then start the flowering time .

A musthave in every growers collection!

Girl Scout Cookies has a huge reputation in the US and is one of the most sought after strains on the internet.

With a very mellow sweet and earthy taste Girl Scout Cookies XTRM is one of our personal new favorites. Girl Scout Cookies has won multiple cannabis cups, our Girl Scout Cookies XTRM is even better than the original.
Looking for a strain that battles pain, nausea and loss of appitite?
Girl Scout Cookies XTRM is the perfect medicine.

Prepare for a total body experience, full relaxation and euphoria.
Also be aware of the munchies … before smoking start baking some girl scout chocolate chips cookies!

4 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Feminized

  1. Adrian

    I bought this strain for fun, to just use to party. my best friends all think its the best strain ever made. The taste is so wonderful, like cookie dough ice ceam and girl scout cookies. It will also make you want to eat a box or two…..

  2. poytheadjay

    dank as heck, kick a$$ strain for earning serious dollars. Fast delivery to Melbourne, stealth like, no worries mate.

  3. Lindsay C.

    Nowhere else will you find feminized seeds that never hermie. They have the best breeder for this strain, and the breeder refuses to feminise strains that do tend to hermie. Not all strains can be feminized due to their genetics to hermie. It may not be so important to some, but when you have a wharehouse full of plants for medical marijuana, you don’t want hermies to pollinate and ruin your commecial grow operation. I’m always glad to buy from this breeder!

  4. Warren MacDonald


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