Blueberry 420 Auto Feminized

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BlueBerry 420 auto-fem is an auto flowering berry flavoured hybrid.

This strain finds its heritage in oldschool berry genetics which were first introduced to us by our rainbow warrior friends, Jack and Mariska, whom in turn got it from an old hippy grower down in Goa, India.

After 3 years of selecting these rare genetics we discovered this delicious sweet taste which we started crossing with our powerful Light of Jah strain.

2 more selections later, not only had we created a  perfect high yielder with blue and violet shiny crispy buds and a special sweet tutti frutti flavour,  we also managed to reduce the flowering period by 2 weeks.

If we had to find two words to describe our extraordinary achievement it would definitely be ”taste” and “potency”.

THC LevelNot availableIndica / SativaRuderalisYield outdoorNot availableHeight indoorNot availableFlowering timeNot availableGrow difficultyEasy to grow


1 review for Blueberry 420 Auto Feminized

  1. Larry Miles

    Finally the best bluebery i’ve found in 12 years! I tried them all, even the famous rokerij strain. This takes it, no where else can you find such a wonder bouquet bluebbery fresh from the garden and to have it auto flower saved me time. Excellent choice, keep up the good work and thanks for shipping to my country!

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