Mr. BC Seeds obtained a double PHD, both in Genetics & Genomics (1984) as well as Botany & Plant Pathology (1987). He first fell in love with Cannabis visiting his eccentric Uncle on Vancouver Island during the summer of 1973. His Uncle had been stationed as a Cannabis Physiologist in the forests on Vancouver Island for the previous 8 years. That’s when he catalogued (and smoked) over 20 native cannabis strains and discussed his research with Mr. BC Seeds sharing a joint of what Mr. BC later discovered was the strain Texada Time Warp.

Because his Uncle was “already in the business”, Mr. BC Seeds was molded from a very young age and studied very hard in the top Universities in America and Europe in order to bring you the finest Cannabis. Mr. BC’s strains have been world famous since 2005 when his research led to leaps forward in cannabis breeding.

You can purchase cannabis seeds globally and legally directly from the Amsterdam Store.