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British Columbia is world famous for cannabis seed production. We are you're global connection for World Famous BC Bud seeds.

British Columbia and Dutch Cannabis Breeders are world famous for their marijuana seeds genetics . BC and Dutch cannabis genetics are globally branded having the highest quality marijuana with the highest standards for THC, CBD and other cannabinoids.

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If you’re from North America, including Canada, you probably know that the Liberal Government is no longer in power, and the Conservative government is currently raging an American style war on drugs. For this reason, it is very hard for North Americans to acquire quality low cost marijuana seeds. Many medical users need consistent quality for pain relief. For your protection you have to purchase cannabis seeds from the reliable seed bank in Amsterdam where trading in cannabis seeds is legit and completely legal.

California Dream Feminized Seed


20 free cannabis seeds with each order

20 Free Seeds With Every Purchase

You can pay using credit card and it will show a charge of "souvenir purchase" which is normal for a typical shop in all of Europe, so nothing will look out of the ordinary. You can also send cash or money orders, bitcoin, bank transfer plus many other options. Trust is important when ordering seeds, and we guarantee you’ll receive your order.

White Widow XTRM Feminized


Worlds_Strongest_BCSEEDS_CANADANewbie's Now Grow Massive Yields

Growing techniques differ from grower to grower, but seed genetics have vastly improved since 2012. This leads to newbie growers producing bud yields like the pros. It has never been better to try your green thumb using the best cannabis seeds with the most advanced cannabis genetics in the entire world.

Aussie Blue Cannabis Seeds